Friday, July 27, 2012


Download simulation

The screenshot shows shows the simulation of an ARDUINO using AVR microcontroller in PROTEUS.
The components used are
1) AVR microcontroller - ATMEGA328P
2) 2 x capacitor- generic , 22pf
3) crystal - 16MHz

Now write a simple program in Arduino IDE , save it  and select the board type as shown in figure

Now click the upload button without connecting the arduino 
At the end of this process you will get an error message , ignore this and make sure that an 'applet' directory is created at the location where you saved the program(it may be hidden) .In the applet directory you  can see the .hex file generated.
 For Linux users  go to /tmp/ and search .hex 

Now go back to the simulation , double click on the microcontroller to get the properties window and make the following selections

Now run the simulation , the following pin diagram will help you to find the corresponding AVR pin of each arduino pin . 

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