Friday, July 27, 2012

Arduino IDE not detecting serial port in ubuntu 12.04[SOLVED]

After the installation of new arduino IDE in ubuntu 12.04 , it was found that the serial port was not detected while plugging in the arduino board via usb. The problem is that the OS will not giving permission for the program to access the port.
To solve the problem simply run the IDE as super user ,so go to terminal and type ' sudo arduino'

To solve this problem permanently ,

In the terminal run ' gksudo gedit'

In gedit open /usr/share/applications/arduino.desktop file

change the line  Exec=arduino to  Exec=gksudo arduino
 save the file.



  1. Still the same problem is there!!!!

  2. In Ubuntu 12.04 lts all warked perfect (now I can select the serial port), thank you.

  3. mira amigo esto lo encontré en otro post ....puedes solucionar esto para siempre, solo asignale al puerto que estas utilizando permisos sudo chmod 777 /dev/ttyS* ..en el caso de un conversor usb-serial cambia S*-->A*...sudo chmod 777 /dev/ttyA*

  4. quote:"In the terminal run ' gksudo gedit'

    In gedit open /usr/share/applications/arduino.desktop file

    change the line Exec=arduino to Exec=gksudo arduino
    save the file. "
    ctrl + q to exit gedit & arduino reopen arduino and it worked!!!
    i did with the board plug-in the computer
    thanks for the help
    (on Ubuntu 13.04)

  5. I am running 12.10 and this was entirely successful. Easier than crappy windows

  6. Awsome WOrks like a charm

    Only i have to enter each time a password while opening audrino

  7. Thanks a lot! Very helpful. There is a similar solution here [1] (not mine.... :-)) that gives suggestions to try if you don't want to start the IDE with super user permissions.



  8. Thank you! Running 14.04 and it worked flawlessly.

  9. There's a better way: add your userid to the 'dialup' group, log out, and log back in. This gives your user account access to /dev/tty*, and allows the Arduino IDE run correctly in user mode.

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