Sunday, August 14, 2011


For most of the desktop users Windows is the only operating system they have ever used . Most Desktop users don't even know about other operating systems. Linux is a free and open source OS which is more powerful than windows.There is a chance you have never heard of it and even if you have you probably carry some misconceptions about it.Here is a list of some of the common misconceptions about Linux OS

1.Linux is not an operating system

There is no OS named Linux. Actually Linux is the name of an OS kernel and the operating systems using this are commonly called Linux OS.Kernel is the core of all OS and is the interface between programs and the devices.The quality of an OS depends on the kernel.If the kernel is slow and buggy then the OS will be slow and buggy.There are so many OSs using Linux kernel .You can find a list of OS here . Even you can make your own Linux OS and distribute.

2.Nobody is using Linux

Terribly wrong. The majority of the World Wide Web is standing on the shoulder of Linux . Because it is more secure and is the best logical choice of a system administrator. 71% of the web servers around the world is using Linux. 459 out of the top 500 supercomputers run Linux as their OS. Now most of the government institutions and companies have switched to Linux.

3.Linux is a command line OS

Wrong, Linux have both command-line and GUI mode. By default we enter in to the GUI mode. You can switch between this modes using the key comb ctrl+alt+f1(for terminal)  ctrl+alt+f7(for GUI).On Linux, a GUI is only an addition to the operating system. Most desktop users prefer GUI but a power user always prefer command-line mode.

 4.Linux is difficult to maintain

This might have been true many years ago. Today, Linux requires little or no maintenance at all. Unlike Windows, if you just use it, it will never crash. In Linux you can fix bugs(if any) by yourself but in windows you have to wait until Microsoft release the bug-fix.

5)There are no games for Linux  

There are less games in Linux compared to windows. Only a few companies have decided to make a Linux version of their game. There are numerous efforts towards creating good – free of charge games like Sauerbraten , Nexuiz, Wolfenstein, UFO: Alien Invasion , Glest , true combact , tremulous , torcs etc.

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